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Statistics show that the average American spends more than 10 hours a day in front of a screen—experiencing between 4,000 and 10,000 advertisements. And those numbers are only growing.

THE FACT IS—if you’re not engaging with traffic online—you’re missing out. We will help you build high-quality, organic traffic and optimize your conversion rates.

Developing a Custom Marketing Strategy

We’ll work with you to learn about your products, services, customers, and special events. Once we have a full grasp on what’s important for your company—and how your campaigns have performed in the past—we’ll develop a strategy that leverages your existing infrastructure and engages with your audience.

Understanding what’s most important to your business allows us to determine a plan to maximize the impact of your marketing campaign. Together we’ll iron out the messaging, timing, implementation, and execution of your campaign across traditional and social media avenues.

At CINDER, we pride ourselves on being passionate, knowledgeable, and responsive to your specific needs. Based in Denver, CO we take great pride in helping grow our community by helping small to medium sized businesses—as well as creatives.

  • Small, lean, effective
  • Local Denver-based
  • Dedicated to helping you grow!

We’re not the biggest firm in town. But we know you won’t get the same experience and value anywhere else!

Strategic Elements

Together we'll determine goals, a timeline, and key performance indicators of your strategy. Then we'll map dates and optimize the schedule for effective deployment.
Who is your ideal customer? Understanding and ensuring that your campaign matches the needs and drives of your customers helps refine and optimize your approach.
Where is your time and money best spent? Where and how can we target the best customers with the most likelihood of converting. Social Media? Online? Traditional?
Buyers go through several phases before they make a final decision. Our multi-stage approach introduces your brand, builds trust, and then promotes and engages.
We start with metrics in mind. Tools to help measure effectiveness and bring down Cost Per Conversion (CPC) will help us refine and continue to improve your campaigns.
Stick to the plan but use information and feedback to continually improve for success. We understand the need to stay lean and flexible. But most importantly—follow through.

The first step in a successful marketing plan is introducing your brand. This is the foundation upon which we can build brand trust and begin converting them into a promoter of your brand.


Once visitors are aware of your product or service—we can focus on engagement. We’ll illustrate the advantage, value, and importance in your message and mission. We’ve got trust and understanding to build on.


Time to deliver. Your product or service—and messaging—has been fine-tuned to be the perfect fit for your customer’s needs. Timing is key. Offer services at the right time—or a promotional code for that product they already want.

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