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If you can imagine it... We can design and create it!

Creative Services. Breathe Life Into Your Projects.

Looks so good—You won’t be able to forget it!

Logos, Branding, &  Graphic Design

Our creative services can help you put a professional touch on your messaging. If you can imagine it—we can design and create it. We love the creative side of building a business—it gives your brand an identity.

A professional touch on design, presentation layout, or creative marketing goes a long way to create a lasting impression on your audience! Our expertise and services include:

Graphic Design
Brand Identity
Logos & Icons
Image Overlays, Photos, & More

There are a lot of ways to brand your business or project. Start by choosing a logo that represents what you believe in. Create a mission statement for your brand that resonates with your audience. Pick identifiable and readable fonts to relay that message. Blend all of these together to create a lasting and impactful identity.

Logos, fonts, colors, and design come together to create a cohesive brand identity for your business or passion. Consistent branding and messaging identifies your business as an authority in your industry or space—and helps visitors remember you.

Branding is everywhere—it inundates us in our daily lives. If you’re not promoting your project with consistent visuals and design—you’re missing out on an important element of building a business.

At CINDER, we pride ourselves on being passionate, knowledgeable, and responsive to your specific needs. Based in Denver, CO we take great pride in helping grow our community by helping small to medium sized businesses—as well as creatives.

  • Small, lean, effective
  • Local Denver-based
  • Dedicated to helping you grow!

We’re not the biggest firm in town. But we know you won’t get the same experience and value anywhere else!

Creative Applications We Stand By:
Cinder Media Creative Applications

Your Ideas. Our Design.

The symbol of your entire operation. Make an impact with a branding that is memorable and recognizable—and speaks to your audience.
Nothing sets projects apart like custom graphic design. Give your images, marketing campaigns, and social media presence a touch of professional.
Elegant design brings together all of your branding, graphics, and messaging to produce a streamlined and powerful experience for customers.
An extension of your logo and company voice—using web-ready and recognizable fonts empowers your brand identity and messaging.
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