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Coffee-Infused. Tech-Inclined. Creatively-Driven. Building Digital Foundations!

About Cinder Media

CINDER Media is based in Denver, CO. We offer web design, digital marketing, and creative services to help your small business grow. Starting a company, building a brand, or taking the leap to do what you love is daunting—but you can do it. And there’s no better time to start living your life to the fullest and developing your own skills! We are passionate about helping the Denver small business reach their goals.

Find your passion. We’ll help fuel it!


CINDER is a full-service web design and digital marketing agency dedicated to helping small businesses and creatives ignite growth behind their progress and goals. Located right in Denver, CO—we are passionate about helping small business owners and artists build a brand and share their passion.

Doing what you love is contagious. Share it!


Our core team is incredibly knowledgeable and disciplined in a variety of areas and technologies. We are driven and passionate in building beautiful platforms, finding creative solutions—and helping you achieve your goals!

Scott Flanigan
Chief Firestarter
Jourdan Eloriaga
Chief Marketing Ninja
Andrew Patton
Chief Designer & Doodle Chef

Our core values

Every company and project is unique and we approach each challenge aggressively with open-eyes and creativity. But some things remain consistent in all of our work—understanding your business, how you interact with customers, and what’s most important to you.

These are our driving principles—and they make all the difference!

Minimum Viable Product. Together, we'll determine your bottom line and what's most important to your business. This empowers us to focus and drive results!
Rapid Development
With a strong foundation—we develop a plan, set milestones, create wireframes—and drive progress. We adhere to an agile development strategy and use momentum to our advantage.
Open Communication
We know how important open communication and transparency are. They're also critical to rapid development. We aim to always keep you in-the-know about our progress.
Quality. Period.
Anything worth doing, is worth doing right! Getting the job done is one thing. Quality is what pays dividends and makes a lasting impression with your customers.
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